UFO Encounters

Elizabeth Eagle

UFO Encounters

Elizabeth Eagle

Are UFOs Orbs or are Orbs UFOs? There’s a fine line between them and I think they are connected. As Communications Coordinator for UFO Institute International for over 10 years, I’ve listened to hundreds of eyewitness testimonies of personal encounters. I’ve seen and photographed many UFOs myself and share my photography and videography for all to see. I feel a special connection to the Pleadians, but all Star People are my family since we are all connected.

I have never had a negative encounter with UFOs or Aliens. I have met hybrid extraterrestrials in person that look very similar to us. Most of the testimonials I have heard from others are of positive interactions as well. I can count the negative UFO stories I have heard over the years on one hand. Hollywood would like us to believe they are bad and out to get us…I totally disagree!

It’s just a matter of time
until disclosure is made public.

It is time for government disclosure. I know the “powers that be” don’t want us to know about the technology that has been given to humanity by the ETs. There are nefarious ETs who have agreements with governments and those governments may be using this advanced technology to remain in power. Unlimited free energy and interstellar travel are just a few of the secrets those in power want to suppress. When this information finally sees the light of day, our current paradigm will shift.

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Elizabeth has been researching UFOs since her first sighting in 1978. Since then she’s witnessed multiple UFOs and has photographed and filmed them. She communicates telepathically with extraterrestrial consciousness and has only had positive loving interactions and sightings. She’s seen metallic ships, fleets of UFOs, light ships and enjoys inviting them to show themselves. They often respond and allow her to film them. UFOs show up in her pictures but she often doesn’t see them until she finds them in her photographs. They’ve exposed her to higher dimensions.

She was Communications Coordinator for UFO Institute International for over 12 years and is looking forward to resurrecting the organization in the near future. She has heard countless UFO and alien stories over the years and looks forward to documenting them in print and video.

Some believe the “shadow government” is planning a fake alien invasion to put us into a One World Order. Elizabeth does not trust them and would not put anything past them. They have advanced technology that’s highly classified. Some people trust the mainstream media to report the truth. Elizabeth does not. “Junk Food News” is fed to the masses when there’s so much more going on than they allow us to know. It’s like the scene in the Wizard of Oz…”pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Let’s all peek behind the curtain and open to a new reality that includes positive relationships between humanity and those who aren’t human.

Billy Meier took amazing UFO pictures in Switzerland.  In 2017, former top investigator-supervisor for the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Joe Tysk, analyzed Meier's UFO evidence from 1964 onward and concluded that it was indisputably authentic.
UFO Institute International

UFO Institute International

I was the communications Coordinator for UFO Institute International for 12 years.

LTC. Steven Alexander founded the group in 1998. We intend to have meetings and film sighting testimonials again and we’ll share them here, in our blog and on our YouTube Channel!

~Elizabeth Eagle

Do you believe in UFOs?
Have you ever seen a UFO?
Have you had a close encounter?

We are not alone

“Elizabeth Eagle has studied the paranormal, energy and other dimensions of reality her entire life. Her work and effort in the study of UFO’s, Alien species, Orbs and beyond is of great significance. She is an expert on aliens and orbs … She is a superb photographer with world-class photos that to the trained and untrained eye reveal the truth of extraterrestrial influence in architecture. Her book, Atlantis Risen, UFOs and Orbs is a must read for all who need inspiration and want to learn about what is going on over head, and in many cases, underground and underwater.”

~ Steven Alexander, Author, Retired Lieutenant Colonel,
Actor, Founder of UFOII (in 1998)

UFOs and ETs are very real and they are here. They've built underground and underwater bases globally. They walk among us. We’ve never been alone. They were here before us and will be here long after we are gone. I look forward to a paradigm shift and full disclosure. Our Space Brothers and Sisters are here to help humanity and the planet.

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 Elizabeth Eagle is a pioneering author. In her book, you will see amazing photographic evidence of a Global Ancient Civilization, UFOs and Orbs among us.