Card Readings

I have always been highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic. I’ve studied spiritual and metaphysical topics my entire life, as well as many holistic healing modalities. Through the years I’ve become a gifted energy healer and can feel and share healing energy no matter what distance. I work with the total person: body, mind, and spirit.

I communicate with the unseen world of spirit during my readings. I tap into your Higher Self, your Multidimensional Selves, your Guides, your Ancestors, all Ascended Masters, Angels and Gods/Goddesses. I channel messages from the unseen world. I connect with angels, orbs, Light Beings, extraterrestrials and my team of spirit guides for the highest good of all.

Each of us is a channel through which universal wisdom flows, and we are sensitive to the inner guidance that provides us with the intuitive knowing we require. Some of us are more sensitive and intuitive than others and I can help people to find their inner voice. I want to help humanity evolve in every way I can. Our higher consciousness can save the world.

As soon as you pay for a service you need to contact me to arrange an appointment. Please include your Skype name or Facebook messenger link and time zone.

Enjoy any of these card reading or energy healing sessions to help heal and enlighten your path!  Each of these sessions is specialized to you and your current energy needs.  Click on each one to learn more and purchase a session.  I look forward to helping you become your best self in light and love!