Orb UFO Interview with Jake Vasquez

By admin / November 14, 2020

In 2005 Jake Vasquez felt something watching him so he took a picture and got 2 very clear orbs with patterns in their interior.     In 2013 Jake got a tablet as a gift from his son. He went to his garden and had his fully charged camera with him. He heard a shrill…

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Shape Shifting UFO

By Elizabeth Eagle / October 26, 2020

I took these pictures near Old Colorado City, 8/31/07. They appear to show a craft “shape shifting.” These pictures are of the same object, but it appears to change shape from picture to picture. How is this possible? Please read the incident report I submitted to MUFON that describes the sighting and the circumstances surrounding…

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What is Living Light?

By Elizabeth Eagle / September 28, 2020

Living Light is a form of life with intelligent consciousness. It is intelligent life we have yet to understand. Life does not need physicality to exist, or any type of atmosphere. It can take any size or shape. It is intelligent and is consciously communicating with us now. It is becoming more visible, expressive and…

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Orbs And Light Beings In Movies

By Elizabeth Eagle / May 28, 2020

Orbs and Light Beings in Movies, TV and YouTube Videos I’ve been “into” Orbs and Light Beings for as long as I can remember. I noticed them first in countless photographs. To my utter surprise, I saw my first moving orb in a movie theater I went to with my son. I was sitting there…

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