Ancient Civilizations

I have discovered never before seen evidence of an ancient global civilization that predates the dinosaurs and circles the globe. This photographic evidence supports my theory that the “Original Builders” had technology that allowed them to terraform the planet. Terra-forming or terraformation (literally, "Earth-shaping") of a planet is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to make it habitable by Earth-like life forms.

The Original Builders used advanced technology far beyond the technology used to build over 80,000 global pyramids people recognize today. The megalithic structures considered wonders today were built using similar technology that was not as organic. I believe that an advanced intelligence put the rocks together or grew them in cooperation with nature, just as scientists can grow crystals in a lab. The intelligent design I prove in my pictures and videos provides convincing evidence that my theories have merit.

I believe the intelligent consciousness that created these rock formations weren’t human and do not have physicality. Further, I believe that many rock formations are hollow and are filled with caves and possibly subterranean villages. I suspect there are currently civilizations (not necessarily human) living in these hollow rock formations, underground, underwater and in other dimensions that we are unable to see.

Photo Gallery

Elizabeth has traveled far and wide in search of proof of this global phenomenon. From the US, to Peru, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Panama and the Philippines she has gathered proof. Her photographs are worth a thousand words. She’s also convinced that these intelligently constructed rock formations are also on Mars and that photographs from NASA support her ideas. She believes the construction on Earth was created by the same Original Builders who terraformed Mars long before they came to Earth.

Elizabeth invites you to review her photographic evidence and consider her theories. She knows these theories seem beyond belief. Beliefs change as new evidence challenges them and people become open to new theories. Cases in point: The world is not flat nor is Earth the center of the Universe. Anything is possible . . . even what seems impossible.

Sedona Arizona

This photograph was taken near Sedona, Arizona. It reminds me of the Step Pyramids in Egypt, the Parthenon in Greece and the US Capital Building. Perhaps long ago the pillars had carvings on them. I don’t believe this was caused by erosion. I believe a creative intelligence we have yet to understand created these rock formations for a purpose. Is this an ancient city that might be hollow, filled with caves?

The Land Before Time

Is it possible that a Global Ancient Civilization grew rock formations in cooperation with nature? Long before the dinosaurs and farther back, where history doesn’t exist, there were Intelligent Beings who used unknown advanced technology to create unbelievable structures. These structures are symmetrical and nature doesn’t “normally” create that way. Seeing is believing. Watch the videos below and consider this unique perspective.

This book contains amazing photographic evidence of a global ancient civilization, UFOs and Orbs among us. This book may shift your paradigm about the history of our planet and how it was formed. There’s a connection between the Orbs, the UFOs and Earths’ rock formations. What is cosmic concrete? What’s an Orb? This book will teach you about a world many have never seen.

Atlantis Risen UFOs and Orbs book by Elizabeth Eagle

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 Elizabeth Eagle is a pioneer author. In her book, you will see amazing photographic evidence of a Global Ancient Civilization, UFOs and Orbs among us.