Elizabeth Eagle
  • Spiritual Warrior, Light Worker & Earth Angel
  • Psychic Intuitive
  • Dedicated Humanitarian
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from NCSU.
  • Completing Master's Degree in Public Affairs from  UCCS.
  • Founding several non-profit organizations to benefit humanity and raise awareness.
  • Loves to explore, paint, sing, dance, create books and videos, and enjoy life!

Elizabeth Eagle is an authority on Orbs, Light Beings, UFOs and ancient megalithic structures that predate any known civilization. She is a brilliant entrepreneur and loves teaching people about new paradigms that may seem beyond belief.

Elizabeth Eagle is honored to communicate with the seen and unseen worlds. She enjoys sharing her insights and unique perspectives provided by her “Eagle Eye”. She sees things others do not and can capture them on film and video. She has traveled the world researching and collecting irrefutable photographic evidence of other dimensions and building technologies that defy explanation.

Her Engineering career with IBM gives her the ability to document her findings from an analytical point of view. Her spiritual background allows her to go beyond logic and investigate paranormal activities with an open mind and heart. Her intuitive and psychic abilities are finely tuned from a lifetime of development.

Elizabeth Eagle is proud to be a Spiritual Warrior, a Light Worker, an Earth Angel, a psychic intuitive and a dedicated humanitarian. She is here to help raise the consciousness of the planet and hopes you will join her. She strives to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

Elizabeth Eagle swimming with dolphins

Elizabeth explores all possibilities



Elizabeth was the communications coordinator for UFO Institute International (UFOII) for 12 Years.

She also presented at the 2014 UFO Conference at the UFO Watchtower in Colorado.


Elizabeth loves to travel our world and learn about the rock formations she believes are created by other beings, not of earthly origin. There are patterns she has discovered across multiple sites that have helped her come to her conclusions.  Join her as she travels and reveals these mysterious formations across our globe!



Elizabeth has had many occurrences in which life forms have made their presence known.  They have manifested themselves as light beings or orbs that seem to celebrate our existence among them.  She is delighted to share with you her positive experiences she has enjoyed with them.

TV, Radio, Newspapers

Elizabeth has been featured on KKTV 11, Fox 21, KOAA 5, The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), Channel 2 of Saudi Arabian Television , Coast 2 Coast Radio with George Noory, Pikes Peak Bulletin, Fountain Valley News, The Scribe, YouTube, and Facebook.

Elizabeth Eagle has appeared on tv, in newspapers and many other media outlets

Presenting Elizabeth Eagle !

If you would like Elizabeth to present, speak, or perform at your next event, please fill out the contact form with details of your engagement and any questions you may have.  Elizabeth is happy to provide any of the following engagements:


  • Drum & Dance Circles
  • Documentaries
  • Card Readings
  • Holiday Parties - Hire Jingles the Elf!
  • Entertainment
  • Halloween Events
  • Costume Parties


You can learn more about Elizabeth Eagle and her life discoveries by visiting her YouTube Channel.


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