Energy Healing

Elizabeth Eagle
Energy Healing

This is a sacred and powerful transformative energy healing session. I will send pure healing energy to you. I will balance your chakras using crystals and intention. Together, we can clear old karma, cut cords associated with toxic situations, and offer intuitive counseling. I receive messages during healing sessions that I will share with you if you wish.

Energy healing does not conflict with any religion or faith. It is a method utilizing what we are and what God supplies in this cosmos to assist in healing physical, mental and emotional “disease,” which free us to enjoy life more fully.

The best description of healing refers to the activation of the body’s energies toward dynamic equilibrium, growth and evolution. Energy healing can accomplish this. Health, then, should be viewed as the perfection and maintenance of a dynamic energy field, which is flowing, coherent, and strong, giving it the capacity to emit healthy vibrations. I believe all illness is caused by blockages in the natural flow of energy through the meridians of the body. When this natural flow is restored, health is restored. Energy healing assists the natural flow of energy to return. Energy healing directs life-giving energy along the body’s natural pathways to untangle “energy knots”, or blockages, thus bringing deep healing to all cells at all levels. With energy healing, the areas of your body, mind and/or spirit that need to be stimulated with energy will receive energy, and at the correct frequency.

$225 for 1 hour