Shape Shifting UFO

I took these pictures near Old Colorado City, 8/31/07. They appear to show a craft “shape shifting.” These pictures are of the same object, but it appears to change shape from picture to picture. How is this possible? Please read the incident report I submitted to MUFON that describes the sighting and the circumstances surrounding it in greater detail.

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Detailed Description of the UFO Event

Submitted to MUFON

UFO Witnessed Near Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs, Colorado 7pm 8 31 07


My neighbors and I witnessed a UFO tonight. Three people watched as a medium-sized metallic blue and silver object floated silently past our apartment. I did not see the beginning of the sighting. They called for me to come and see. I was drawn outside by their excitement and watched as the strangest thing I’ve ever seen floated past.


Two neighbors drew sketches of what they saw, and I got pictures of the object. There was no sound. The sighting lasted fifteen minutes. I only saw the last five minutes. By the time I got outside, the object had passed…but I got a quick look at it before I ran back inside and got my camera. I have a twelve-power optical zoom on my digital camera, and I was able to zoom in and get several pictures.


I wish I’d been there and saw what they saw from the beginning. It had shining lights. The kids were outside playing, and it came out of nowhere. Lisa looked up and saw something very strange and asked Tony what it was. Tony had no idea. Lisa’s husband Tony is a retired Air Force jet mechanic and he had no idea what the object might be. There was no noise, no smoke, no chemical trails, no vibration of any kind coming from the object.


There was a clear window on the object, but no beings were seen inside. Lights shined brightly and evenly and changed colors from white to red to blue to green to pink to red…and the last color was a bright orange. At first, they thought it might be a helicopter or a remote-control plane or a glider because there was no motor.


The object was shaped like a half of the Yellow Submarine from The Beatles…with a window on the front and a metal rod coming out of the bottom. It was silver and metallic bright royal blue. My neighbor Tony had been talking about UFOs just before the sighting occurred. It floated evenly with a constant speed in a straight line. We all felt peaceful during the sighting and were all shocked and in utter awe. We’d never seen anything like it in our lives. The object floated way off into the distance until it was just a spot of flashing orange light and then it disappeared.


These are pictures of the object we witnessed, and it appears to be changing shape from shot to shot. These were taken from a distance with a zoom lens. There appears to be plasma or something coming from the bottom of the ship. I have no idea what this object may have been but I’m glad I have pictures to prove we saw it.

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