Orb UFO Interview with Jake Vasquez

In 2005 Jake Vasquez felt something watching him so he took a picture and got 2 very clear orbs with patterns in their interior.



In 2013 Jake got a tablet as a gift from his son. He went to his garden and had his fully charged camera with him. He heard a shrill noise above his head, and he clicked his camera 4 times and took 4 pictures in the direction of the sound. After taking these 4 pictures, his camera lost half its charge, so he took it inside. He could hardly see because two rooms in his house were filled with a blue turquoise light. He downloaded the 4 pictures onto his new tablet. After downloading the pictures on his tablet, it lost all its full charge. He didn’t look at his pictures until two weeks later when he went to the AT&T store to find out why his tablet wouldn’t charge. The lady at the AT&T store asked what the lightning bolt was doing on his charger. “What lightening bolt?” Jake asked. The AT&T lady showed him the distinct lightning bolt that had been etched on his charger and said, “maybe that’s why your charger is broken”. When I asked to see the charger with the lightning bolt, he said they kept it and gave him a replacement. He went home and charged his tablet.


He was amazed at the pictures he downloaded. I’ve posted his original pictures and copped close up images of them. Jake only knows how to crop and enlarge his images and has no other knowledge of computer graphics, including Photoshop. He believes his pictures are communication from another dimension. I’ve zoomed in on his original pictures and a being appears inside something that resembles a craft. One appears to have a face inside it.



He then found 4 different images on his tablet that had been downloaded from his phone. He had not taken these pictures. The pictures had been created by some form of intelligence that was able to manipulate his camera and produce mages.



The new pictures clearly show a light craft with a Light Being or ET at its center. The final picture that appeared from the download was of an energy pattern. This energy pattern looks like the scientific graphic illustrations of a subatomic particle propelling itself. This red and blue image resembles the Light Being (orb) images Grace Butler has taken repeatedly of very similar energy patterns. I’ve included 3 of her images for comparison.



I’ve posted all the pictures I’ve referenced here for your consideration. I created a YouTube video of my interview with him. If you watch , you’ll get this story directly from Jake. This is a true story. The interview was conducted August 3, 2019.


Additionally, when Jake was 5 years old, he lived in the mountains and would go for long walks in the hills. The orbs would guide him playfully home. He said they were 2-3 feet across and where spheres (3 dimensional). They would disappear after he got home safely.


When Jake was in the Navy orbs would appear when he was on watch on an aircraft carrier. He never told anyone about them, and he wasn’t about to call the bridge and tell them there were little balls of light around the ship.


Jake thinks these things are satellites that are here gathering information. He calls them “citizens of the planet. They’ve been here long enough.” Further he says, “Whether Nasa or anybody else wants to hold things back at  some point in time all the power is going to be taken away from them and this (information) is going to be shown to the people, complete. It is time. We are at that moment. I think that it’s time for people to find out. I’ve been trying to get this out for a long time and I’m hoping that this is finally it. Hopefully these pictures are clear enough that there is no doubt.


If you’d like to watch the 12-minute interview video, you cand find it on YouTube or by clicking here.


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